My name is Quinn, and I am 18 years old. My family and friends are my world, and all my feelings are expressed through my art. This is my personal blog. It encompasses everything from my transition to fandoms. If you are a happy go lucky person, beware. This blog has extreme ups and downs, as I am both a sexual abuse survivor and recovering from self-harm and depression. For this page is going to be my sanctuary, the place i let it all loose without restraint. so watch out, because the Silence Is Over.

On a more sexual note, I'e got another blog dedicated solely to issues of sex, gender and sexuality. Check it out!




one time when i was like 12 my dad wanted me to put a dvd in the dvd player and i was like ‘what do i get in return’ and he said ‘you can have half of the winnings of this stupid lotto ticket’ and he ended up winning 600,000 dollars and i was so pleased with myself. 300,000 dollars when youre 12 is pretty much like infinity dollars. he was so mad

Shit, man, $300,000 would be like infinity dollars to me now.

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Man I am wearing so much makeup in that picture. God I love wearing makeup. But anyway, yes, I really loved getting to hang out with Birdy. What a talented singer and songwriter. (Trivia: She wrote the song “Not about Angels” after reading TFIOS before she heard about the movie!)

Thanks to everyone who watched along tonight while I livetweeted my viewing of the extended cut of the DVD. That was really fun and we should do it again sometime with a movie I’m not so attached to. Any suggestions?

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religion: nicki minaj destroying and being disgusted at phallic symbols

I actually feel sorry for Americas youth.  This is your role model.  My role model is my father.  And I can spell whole words too. 


broe you are 40 years old i’m pretty sure youve raised america’s youth


"My family is suffocating me with pressure to be a perfect student and daughter." (r.i.d)

people always ask me why i’m going into teaching instead of being a writer.

the number of notes on this in less than 24 hours and the number of people who said “same” or “exactly” or “about me” - that’s why. there is so much fundamentally wrong with our system. The only way to change it is from within.

Courting is always difficult when the one being courted has an elderly female relative in the house; they tend to mutter or cackle or bum cigarettes or, in the worst cases, get out the family photograph album, an act of aggression in the sex war which ought to be banned by a Geneva Convention.

Neil Gaiman. Terry Pratchett - Good Omens (via invisiblemonsters-remix)